Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow

First snow of the year and first snow for Sophie (that we have seen her experience at least).  Yesterday started out as a beautiful winter day, but by early afternoon it had started to snow.  I really thought it would melt as it fell, and it did on the roads but we actually got about an inch of light, wet, fluffy snow.

Sophie started out very tentative, although she had been very interested watching it from the house.  Her mom didn't bring her boots so we didn't venture off the sidewalk, but she loved it.  Maybe next time there will be enough for her first snowman! 

After we came inside, my other granddaughters called from Norfolk and it had started snowing there and they were so excited.  Hope they had enough to enjoy it!

I have to share this - before we went out into the snow, Sophie and I were in our bedroom and she opened a drawer where I have old scarves, gloves, and hats.  She loved it.  She tried on many and settled on these

Her mom says she is an accessories girl!  The top picture shows her touching the snow (which led to going outside).

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Timmie said...

Okay Nana, I think you need to knit her a mini-shawl.