Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lots of Firsts

Since Sophie came home in August she is having lots of firsts and it is so fun watching her excitement . First was Halloween and she fell in love with pumpkins.  She had real pumpkins, stuffed pumpkins, books about pumpkins and loved them!  When the Christmas decorating started we didn't know how she would do but  she loves everything - the tree, lights, decorated houses, stores, etc.  Two favorites quickly became snowmen and Santa. I'm sure she had no idea who or what Santa was but loved him on TV, cartoons, pictures, ads, and her stuffed Santa.  Last weekend her Mom asked me to go along to let her see him at the mall.  We had no high expectations that she would ever go sit in his lap.  She is still very wary of strangers and we all know that Santa is just no ordinary stranger!  He is a little intimidating to even the bravest little ones.  She did so great!  She waved at him, didn't cry and was willing to go up to see him, but there is where she drew the line.  She clung to Mama for dear life!  We were really proud of her though and Amy says she might even try again.  We didn't try to force the issue we were so glad just to get a picture with her in the same vicinity as Santa so if she doesn't do it this year that's okay!  She continued to wave at him and be excited everytime we walked back by so it wasn't too traumatizing I guess.

Another first - baking Christmas cookies.  Amy, Jon & I always made Christmas cookies when they were kids, I've made cookies with the other granddaughters and so we have to keep it going with Sophie.  We kept it very simple this year.  I have a Santa face that I usually make but knew that her attention span would be very short and we wanted her to experience as much of the process as possible before we lost her.  Another good first memory!

This week has been a blur!  I had a stomach virus on Tuesday night and missed work Wednesday.  We had snow Thursday and our Christmas luncheon at work was Friday. It was all crazy! I finished the Bella mittens (they are drying) last night.  They were my only Christmas knitting and they were an afterthought so I'm glad I was able to finish them.  (Pictures maybe tomorrow)  I really like these long mittens and might make some more.  I'm finished shopping (except for a couple of things I thought of today), but still have done no wrapping.  I've got to get to that.  I've also got to make a menu and shopping list for food.

Our son Jon is due back from his deployment on Thursday and we're waiting to see when they will be able to come down so times are still a little up in the air, but I want to get ready anyway!  Next weekend is Christmas - can you believe it?

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Timmie said...

love the cookie-baking picture with the big smile (looks like she's wearing an apron). All of the pictures are good. She's very photogenic