Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

After a gloomy, rainy, cool week we weren't sure what to expect when we drove to Norfolk yesterday to visit son, DIL and granddaughters. We had a little rain when we first got there and went out to the boats our son now is assigned to but by the time we left the sun was popping out and it turned out to be a beautiful day. We came home to rain again last night, but that was okay. Here are a couple of pictures of the L-CAC's our son is assigned to. They carry tanks, trucks, equipment and marines from ship to shore when out at sea.

One of our reasons for going was to take B a flute. She is a new 6th grader and playing flute in band and one of my co-workers (thanks Peggy) has twin girls who played flute and just happened to have a flute to sell. We couldn't forget N - she got a new trike! I got this at the etoys sale last week and planned for it to be a birthday or Christmas present, but decided this time of year was much better for a riding toy. Her feet don't quite reach the pedals yet, but she can scoot it, push it, or her favorite, open the seat and put toys in and out of the storage area underneath. She loved that part.

B demonstrating her new flute for us.

After our trip to the Navy base, we drove to Virginia Beach and ate a great barbecue lunch at Beach Bully's (apparently a local favorite). Now, what should I order today?

Then we went to the VA Beach Farmer's Market and visited the pumpkin patch.

You can see here the clouds are still hanging around.

If you could guess a pumpkin's weight within 1/4 lb. you got it free. One of the ones we bought was 17.5 lbs and son had guessed it at 17.8. How close!

We ended the day with ice cream at a local dairy which has a store at the farmer's market and declicious hand made ice cream. Miss N just plopped herself in the middle of the table and was fed by everybody. A great day!

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Candyce said...

Bethany is growing up so nicely. And Nikki is just precious--she looks like she is doing really well.

Playing the flute will be really nice.