Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portuguese Knitting

While I was researching continental knitting videos last weekend I came across this video for Portuguese knitting. That caught my attention because I have a good friend who lives in Portugal. I mentioned this to her and she was surprised that there was a Portuguese style of knitting. When she looked at the link she said she thought that was how everyone knitted, and didn't know it was unique to their country. Her mother and grandmother were knitters and she had learned with the yarn around her neck and wrapped around her middle finger just like this video. The actual technique is different too as they knit and purl from the front and use their thumbs to move the yarn. Also notice the needles have hooks like crochet hooks.

She did some research and sent me these links that explain and show it much better than the one I had found. They are mostly in English, although one is in Portuguese, but you can still see the technique. This person uses regular needles though, not ones with hooks and my friend said her area (the north part of Portugal) has always used the hooks, but other areas may not, or at least may not exclusively.

Check out these links. Very interesting. I want to try, but right now am still learning continental and don't want to confuse my poor brain too much, but that will be my next project!

"Portuguese Knitting" Lesson 1 (In English)

"Tricotar à Portuguesa" - 3ª aula (In Portuguese)how it begins=the first line:

"Portuguese Knittng" Lesson - How to Knit (In English)

"Portuguese Knitting" Lesson - How to Purl (In English)

"Portuguese Knitting" Lesson - Ribbing 1/1 (In English)

Her youtube page with all her videos:

.chuanavit videos page:

and her blog link:

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