Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Night

I love Friday night. I certainly don't hate my life during the week, but sometimes I feel I am wishing my life away from weekend to weekend. Ever feel that way? It wasn't a very exciting week. Went to work, came home, went to work, came home. Throw in meals, dishes, laundry and that seems to be it. Wait...that's always my life!

Monday night knitting was a highlight. We had a big group of 12 and there were some beautiful FO's and WIP's.

Work is somewhat stressful right now. Adding to that my husband's place of work (because of hurricanes and gas prices) is planning to shut down 5-6 weeks sporadically from now till Christmas to use up some inventory. Uggh!

On a brighter note - the weather is beautiful - 70's and blue skies. Fall is really in the air. I make an effort to get out each afternoon if nothing but to walk around the yard!

I have managed to knit some on granddaughter's sweater this week, but a row or two at a time doesn't make much progress - maybe this weekend I can speed it up a bit. I'm also still practicing my continental knitting so I'm not quite up to speed there either.

Tomorrow I'm getting up bright and early to go with a neighbor to a big sale at our local E-Toys shipping warehouse. It is supposed to have great prices so I'm hoping to find some birthday and Christmas presents. It opens at 7:00 and we are going at 6:30 - and I'm not a morning person, especially on weekends so this will be a challenge!

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