Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I don't quilt and haven't ever had the desire, but my grandmother and my husband's grandmother were quilters so I have a lot of quilts and they are treasures. Most of the quilts are patchwork, using scraps of fabric, but a few were "planned patterns" like Sunbonnet Sue below.

These were not just for exhibit, but were well used so some of these are worn as you can see.

The boy version of Sunbonnet Sue - whatever it is called.

This is one of the well-worn quilts. I remember this on my bed when I was a little girl.

My mother quilted years ago, but later only made baby quilts that she could hold in her lap and quilt. This is her last quilt and you can see is not finished. It is not a pieced quilt, but a printed quilt top. I would like to try to finish it one of these days! We'll see.

Someone had written my grandmother's name on this quilt and it says, made by Nezzie Travis in the early 30'th (I think they meant 30's)

One of my favorites - Wedding Ring


Anonymous said...

Big family collection you have there.
Lot of story to tell too, I'm sure. :)
I'm still working on the very basics
around the maths of quilting,
so I'm supposing most of them
were all handmade.(?)
Haven't seen so far any done so long ago.

Nela ☺

Diane said...


Yes, all are handmade and all by family. I am still looking for the one made of upholstery materials. It is really unusual, but I've put it somewhere and haven't located it yet.


Robin said...

I love old quilts! My grandmother was a Travis. Maybe we're related!