Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

I don't always watch this show, don't approve of this show, don't like the way it is done, but - I got sucked in! I watched part of last season's when Jason got his heart broken by Deanna. I liked him, felt sorry for him, and fell for all the hype of this season's show. I didn't watch every episode, but enough to keep up with what was going on. I don't like Jason anymore!

If you don't watch, he supposedly fell in love with two girls, told them both he loved them, led them both to think they had a future, then chose Melissa over Molly, breaking Molly's heart. Most of that is normal for the program.

Then, however, after six weeks he changed his mind, humiliated Melissa on national TV by telling her there was now no chemistry, and then told Molly he had made a mistake and wanted her back. I was so hoping Molly would tell him to go jump in a lake! She didn't - idiot! She told him she had never stopped having feelings for him and gave him another chance. Watch out Molly, he doesn't have a good track record of knowing what he wants.

I heard the producers engineered this ending to improve their ratings. If so, shame on them. Shame on them for making love and marriage such a farce. Shame on me for watching!

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Robin said...

HERE HERE!! I say I'm not going to watch and then I get sucked in every season! Why do they have to drink in just about every scene on the show? Most of them are barely 21. I got so tickled -- Jason was on The View and Joy Behar told him his hands and mouth needed to be disinfected with Lysol!! Come on Dancing With The Stars for a more positive Monday night!