Friday, March 13, 2009

Our own Idol

I work in the administrative offices of a nursing home. I know - some of you just cringed. I used to feel that way. I answered a blind ad 15 years ago or I wouldn't have this job now. I never thought I would or could work in a long-term nursing facility. I've learned a lot over the years though - there are a lot worse places and this can be a fun place.

We have a great activities department and this week was "American I*dol" week. Monday thru Thursday the residents on each unit competed and today was the grand finale. The residents, families and staff really got into the decorating, costumes, performances and had a great time.

I wish I could show pictures or videos of the residents doing their thing. We had an 88 year old lady dressed as Willie Nelson, with a guitar made from a toilet seat and toilet paper and she was wonderful. She told jokes and lip synced with the best of them. We had a cowgirl with the complete outfit, lots of singers, doing the twist from wheelchairs, and a heartfelt "Amazing Grace".

We were not without celebrities - Paula, Simon, and Randy joined us as judges.

Here's Paula - just before the performance (Jill - Director of Social Services). Jill is a natural actress and she had Paula down to a T. She squealed, danced, cried, and gave dramatic feedback to each contestant.

Here are Randy, Paula and Simon between performances. Notice they even had Cokes.
They each had obviously been good students of AI - they had the mannerisms and sayings down pat. Randy & Simon in their day jobs work in physical/occupational therapy.

Nursing homes get a bad rap - maybe some is deserved, but we keep our people busy. I've seen lots of people be admitted from their homes in such sad condition and they just come alive when they have good food, lots of company, many musical programs, bingo, parties, movie night, and something to look forward to again.

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