Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow, what a change in the weather!

A week ago today it was cold, rainy, freezing on my deck and miserable. This weekend has been just the opposite. Sunny, beautiful, and in the 70's and today 80's. Unbelievable! I don't think this will last, but at least Spring is on the way.

Yesterday we drove to Norfolk to see son, DIL, and grandchildren. It was such a nice day.
B - sporting her new haircut and new glasses, working on her weaving. I will get her into knitting yet!

Going out to lunch - N had to take Clifford along!

After lunch we walked around the mall a little - pricing new washer/dryers for me (anyone have any suggestions?). My old ones are about to bite the dust and I'm looking at front loaders. Let me know your opinions if you are using these.

We tried to go to Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach, but it was packed! Everyone was trying to get out and enjoy the day. We bypassed that and found a little less congested park.

N thought this was a good idea as long as Sissy held onto her.

However, she was glad to see Daddy at the bottom! It didn't bother her though, she ran right around to the steps to go again!

Today I walked around the yard and see green popping out all over - time to start thinking about some gardening.

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