Thursday, August 13, 2009

In China Now!

After a LONG 4 year wait, a co-worker (and friend) and her husband are now in China picking up their beautiful baby girl, LaiCie. Last week we gave her a shower at work, which was lots of fun. They got some great gifts.

This is their beautiful little girl.

Part of the food table with cherry blossom decorations. We had some great food.

Some of the other table decorations.

Everyone got fortune cookies for favors.

Look at this cute panda cake that Linda made. Brenda and L.C. decided not to cut it yet, but freeze it and bring it out in October for LaiCie's 1st birthday. We ate the sheet cake!

Even though I begged, Brenda isn't doing a blog while she is in China so we can't follow along, but they have promised to email us updates. They should have arrived in China sometime early this morning so I'm assuming they are very tired today. The next couple of days will be sightseeing in Bejing, then sometime this weekend they will fly to Nanching and their lives will change forever. Keep them in your prayers. We hope they are having a wonderful time!

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