Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome Home LaiCie

This sweet little angel has only been with her new mom and dad 2 weeks and only back in the US 30 hours or so, but she has captured a lot of hearts! Her mom brought her by work yesterday and we started out being very careful, because she has been through a lot and still bonding, so we didn't want to upset her or touch or hold her if it wasn't the right thing to do. It quickly became evident that she is already very attached to her mommy, very comfortable with everyone and going to be a live wire! She blew bubbles, threw kisses, squeeled and laughed, showing her dimples (which I couldn't capture).
She is beautiful and very smart! She definitely likes her Cheerios and had great fine motor skills! At ten months she is sitting alone and often that's not the case for babies who have been in orphanages and cribs most of their lives. I just know that soon she will be crawling and pulling up and right on track.

We all fell in love! She is the cutest, happiest baby girl you could ever want. None of us got much work done and we just stood and watched and loved her. She is such a blessing! Her mom and dad know how blessed they are - even after a long 4 year wait. They had a great (but long) trip to China to get her and are thanking God for her! She is also very blessed and she will now have a great home!

Let's hope China will speed up the process and get more of these children out of orphanages and into homes where they can be loved! (Especially my granddaughter!)

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Candyce said...

She is just precious Diane. I hope your granddaughter arrives really soon!