Saturday, May 24, 2008

I made my first mistake

by thinking I could knit on this summer cotton sweater while watching the final episode of Greys Anatomy Thursday night. First, about the time they found the guy encased in concrete, I knitted the same row twice. When Meredith's sister found the personnel files and was telling George he only failed his intern test by 1 point I dropped a stitch and didn't notice it till the end of the row. If you are counting, I've ripped out twice and I should have quit then. NEXT.....while all the other characters were getting together in the end, Meredith and McDreamy were running in opposite directions and I was just sure they were going to give up and not get together in this episode - leaving us hanging till next year. Obviously I was paying more attention to their plight than to my knitting and I counted the pattern wrong and again didn't realize it till the end of the row. By then the show and I were both through! I was tired, and mad at myself. However, I don't like to leave a problem - even though it sucks to have to frog and fix it then, I know I won't like it anymore tomorrow, so I fixed it before I went to bed.

Yesterday I couldn't even look at it - but tonight I actually knitted a few rows with no mistakes (that I see yet).

Today I worked in the yard most of the day, and used some muscles I haven't used in a long time! I finally got some flowers planted. I don't remember ever getting my flowers planted this late and still don't have all that I want. I love thinking about them, planting them, seeing them grow, and even watering for a couple of months, but by August I'm usually sorry I planted so many. Still, I plan on a few more this next weekend!

Hope I can get out of bed tomorrow!

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Robin said...

Wasn't Grays good?? FINALLY, Meredith and McDreamy! It's about time! Love the color of your sweater!