Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend and Sex & The City

Does anyone else love Friday night as much as I do? Do we ever outgrow that feeling? Kind of like the dreaded Sunday night - except opposite.

This week for some reason seemed long and hard. It wasn't that much different in any way that I can think of, but I must have spring fever. It is finally warm, beautiful blue skies, and being cooped up in an office all day is so much harder. I don't want to wish my life away, it is going too fast as it is, but...oh, the weekend! Even when we don't have anything exciting planned, or have errands and work in the yard or around the house, it is just so nice to not have to get up early, have clothes ready, fix lunches, etc. Friday night is de-stress night.

I hope to get to see Sex & the City movie tomorrow. My daughter and I have been looking forward to this for months. (a sad testiment to how boring my life is!) I didn't watch S & C when on HBO, but have watched all the episodes in syndication. I just read a review from a man who had never watched the series - why on earth was he picked to review this movie? I hate violent movies so I can pretty much tell you I am not going to like a war movie - no matter how well it is done. Good grief!

Also, and I guess this is very superficial, but I love movies about New York City, I love movies with beautiful or quirky houses or apartments and pretty clothes. Remember all the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies - no academy awards, but just entertainment.