Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

Since I have to work tomorrow on Memorial Day - boo! hiss!, we pretended the holiday was today. It was a beautiful day! Husband, daughter & I went to Dan Daniel Park to visit the Veteran's Memorial. I had read about it in the paper, but shamefully had not been till today. It is a nice memorial and the people in charge should be proud. We should be thankful for our Veterans.

The wall is engraved with names of all Pittsylvania County/Danville residents who were killed in action in any war. The brick walkway has names of veterans who served or are serving in time of peace or war if a donation is given. It was impossible to read all the names, but strangely I found this one:

I wonder who donated for Elvis?

After we visited the memorial we walked along the trail which partly follows the Dan River. Here at the dam the water looks fairly clear, but down the trail you can see its more normal muddy look.


Robin said...

Lovely pictures! I haven't been to DD Park in years. Love the wall and the bricks. The memorial looks very serene.

Robin said...

I tagged you for a MeMe! The rules are on my blog. Hope you don't mind playing!