Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finished Sweater!

It took two months but the Bamboozle Sampler Sweater is finally finished. The yarn was wonderful to work with and I will definitely use it again. Very soft and smooth. This is a summer sweater, but I think this would work for a warmer sweater too. The color is a little more bright in person. In the picture it seems a little washed out.

I am sill working on the magic loop socks (in an effort to get the sweater finished before snowfall, I had put them aside). Now I'm anxious to start another sweater - a winter one this time. I'm looking at patterns and yarns, but so many choices! At my knitting group last night several were working on or had just finished some gorgeous sweaters. When you put so much effort and time into something - not to mention money - I want to be sure I like it!

More butterflies! Click on picture for closer view.

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Robin said...

The sweater is gorgeous! What a great color!