Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The last few days have been full of hit and miss thunderstorms. Half a mile down the road will get a good rain and we get 10 drops. Typical summer.

This is a terrible picture out of our windshield but this was Saturday afternoon about 5 pm, headed home from Norfolk after taking B home. It became almost totally dark and rained like crazy. I took one picture during the worst of it, but it was just a dark blur. This one was as it was clearing up. When we got home we had not had one drop of rain. (it has been very dry here so we really need it and I really need it so I don't have to water flowers!)
Last night most of our town and county got a good rain, but we got a puddle. Tonight finally we got some rain - yeah!

Got to show you a couple more pictures of the girls - when we got B home, N was so glad to see her! (& the the Elmo chair we took her) When B sat down in the playroom to play a game, N had to play too. She was so happy to be playing with her sister, but Dad had unplugged her controller!
She didn't know the difference and loved it anyway.

I love my Giggle & Shake Elmo chair! Mom & Dad may either be pulling out their hair by now though or taking out the batteries. Elmo laughs a lot!

This is Alex, their 4 month old Bernese Mountain dog. So far he is very calm and gentle. I hope he stays that way, can you believe the size of that head? He could swallow N's whole head.

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Robin said...

This has been a heck of a week! We've had phone trouble since Monday night and lost electricity for about 10 hours Wednesday late afternoon 'til Thursday morning. Power is fine (thank goodness!) but the phones are still off and on. Missed you all Monday night, too!!!!!!