Monday, July 21, 2008

New Blooms

This clematis bloomed earlier then for some reason just died. Nothing was left but a mound of dried leaves and vines at the base of the lightpost. I went out to clean it up and as I was pulling out the dead vines, I found one small green vine. I started training it up the webbing I have wrapped around the post and it has grown like crazy. This weekend it bloomed again!

Jon is out to sea again so Janet and the girls spent the weekend and it is so fun to see N change so quickly. She has been a little late walking and talking because of some medical problems, but now that she's gotten started she is just going to town.

Can you tell I have new sunglasses? The perfect accessory for my new dress, or even pajamas!

1 comment:

Candyce said...

She is just precious! And your flowers are lovely.