Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day, etc., etc.

I was reading Yarn Harlot today and realized this is Canada Day, similar to our July 4th. Through the power of the internet I feel I've met many people from Canada and come to know a little about their beautiful country and find myself wanting to know and see more. Such nice people, such beautiful scenery, such a varied country. I want to go! Happy Birthday Canada.

My daughter Amy has a beautiful new blog design. Check it out.

While my granddaughter is visiting, Amy let her borrow her back-up laptop so that she can play her games, access Webkinz, and Be-Bratz, and all her websites. Last night we were both on our laptops and watching a Disney movie at the same time. I noticed B was very intent on something. In a little while she had a presentation for me and she had created a power point presentation! It was wonderful. I had no idea she knew how to do it. It was all about pets, and she had a screen about cute pets, then ugly pets, then cats, then dogs. It had a title page and an ending page and even applause and moving fonts. I was so impressed. We sure didn't learn that in 5th grade! A few nights ago we had watched a program on the Animal Channel about ugly pets and there were some that even a mother would have a hard time loving. B found similar pictures for her presentation.

What a beautiful day today. July 1 and in the 70's! We will take this and enjoy it while we can. It will probably be 100 in a few more days.

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Candyce said...

I absolutely love Amy's blog. So much so I want it! :) I love the design very much.

That is so cool that B knows how to do power point.