Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Finally Friday

For some reason this has been a loooong week! The work environment is just a little tense and strange right now, which makes for long days. This afternoon couldn't come too soon.

Today was Take Your Granddaughter to Work Day - at least I decided to proclaim that it was. B is here visiting. While she is here she rotates between our house and her other grandparents. DH worked today and I hated to shuffle her back and forth for one day, so kept her at our house and took her with me. She enjoyed having a cup of vanilla biscotti coffee (very light and sweet), helping me open and date stamp mail, and making works of art with markers, highlighters, binder clips, stapler, copy machine, hole puncher, staple puller, etc. Who knew my office was such a treasure trove? She had planned to stay and eat lunch with me and then call her Aunt Amy to come get her, but just before lunch she had enough fun and decided she would go home to rest!

Tonight we went out for pizza then a little school shopping for her. Boy, she knows exactly what she likes! She's at her other grandmothers tonight for a sleep-over with cousins. We all love having her here!

Our company's health insurance provider hooked us up with Virginia Tech for a 2 year study and weight loss and fitness program. It's optional to participate, but it's free and cash incentives are being offered for weight loss. At first the sign ups were slow in coming, but everyone was apparently waiting till the last minute because they all wanted to join the last three days. It's mostly an on-line program with diet and fitness support on a personalized website with daily emails. Many people where I work don't have home computers or email so our company provided a computer and some exercise equipment and some of us have been busy helping them get email accounts and signing them up for the program. It has made for a busy week. VT provided a kiosk where we go to weigh-in and have our pictures made and this will be tracked. I hope all of us doing it together will be motivating. I'll keep you posted.

Didn't you love the Olympics last week? I missed out on a lot of sleep staying up late to watch the swimming, gymnastics, and women's beach volleyball. This week the track & field doesn't interest me quite as much, but it was horrible last night watching both US relay teams drop the baton! Since my daughter & I hope to go to China eventually when she adopts I loved seeing the sites and hearing about the culture too, especially on the Today Show. I'm normally a Good Morning America watcher, but switched the past two weeks to see as much as I could of Bejing. Fascinating stuff.

Just now - two more teams in another relay race missed geting the baton. Both the Jamaican and Great Britain teams failed to pass it off and didn't finish. How horrible to train so long and then this happen. I feel so sorry for them!

I have no weekend plans except to spend more time with B and hopefully find some time to knit.

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