Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yard Work Saturday

I forgot to take out my camera when we started, but this little area below used to be my iris and daylilly garden. Over the years though the trees grew and encroached on the area and blocked off the sun so the iris and lillies had suffered the last few years. This past year only a few bloomed, so it was time to move them. Later we plan to redo this area with shade loving flowers.

So this morning, I thought before it got too hot, DH & I headed out for a little yard work. I love my flowers and don't mind all the little jobs, but heavy digging and planting are not my favorite jobs anymore, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get it done.

After we dug them all up and divided them, they went into several other areas in the yard. We filled in some blank areas in different areas. Here is my little red gardening wagon.
The butterfly bush was full of butterflies this morning. Just had to show you one. After it has finished blooming it is going to have to be cut back big time. It has taken over everything around it. I've loved the butterflies though!
Moving a few iris and daylillies sounds so easy, but it was hot, dirty and my rear-end was dragging when we finished. My shoes testify to the dirty part. Sorry for the blurry picture. It was so humid the camera lens fogged up, or it might have been my glasses!
The Encore azaleas are blooming again. These are nice varieties if you haven't tried them. I love that they bloom again in late summer, early fall.

Not to be outdone my regular azaleas are blooming again! I don't remember that happening before.

I took the day off yesterday so that we could take B home. We miss her so much after she leaves, but she starts school Tuesday and needed a few days at home to get ready, plus she missed Mom, Dad & little sister and they really missed her. N kept running over to her to hug her or lay her head on her leg. There is a big gap in their ages, but they are really sweet together.

On our way home last night there was a beautiful sunset. I took this as we crossed the bridge over the lake at Clarksville, near my friend Robin's house. I want to live near a lake!

And this is Sweet B. We had made a few shopping excursions while she was here to shop for school supplies, so when we got to her house she got busy putting everything together in her new book bag. Since I won't see her on her first day of middle school, she posed for a picture yesterday. Have a great day sweet girl!

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