Sunday, August 10, 2008

When it goes well.....

knitting is relaxing, empowering, satisfying. But, when you hit snags, knitting can be frustrating, maddening, humbling, and cause normally placid human beings to become crazy! I am trying to learn magic loop sock knitting and doing a new sock pattern. In retrospect I shouldn't have mixed the two. Also, Friday and Saturday I knitted on a long car trip, which is a challenge in itself. I have two patterns, one for the sock and one explaining magic loop and they kept sliding out of my lap, hitting bumps and going around curves also can be cause for disaster. While turning the heel, picking up stitches for the gusset, and getting my stitches realigned on the needles I ripped out three times before I think I finally got it right. My language was not always PG rated!

My son is in the Navy and was scheduled to go out to sea for seven months August 26th. He was out to sea for a month recently for training and broke his hand while doing his job. At first they thought that wouldn't change anything about the cruise, but now have decided he would be more of a liability than an asset with a cast on his hand, so he has been reassigned. I'm so relieved! I always worry for him, but I also hate for his family to be here alone. They've done it twice before, but now there is another child and that makes it harder.

This weekend we traveled to Norfolk to see them and for daughter-in-law's birthday. We first went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant for a birthday dinner.

Bethany, Nikki, Janet, Jon. Nikki loved the show the chef put on and also the food! She is a great eater. Janet and I both fed her from our plates and she ate the whole time we were there.
When he lit the fire on the grill however, she was scared to death - but in a minute was laughing.

Bethany and me.

Bethany and Grandaddy.

King Neptune and the bandstand at the boardwalk. If you haven't been to Virginia Beach, it is a great place for families. I wish I had remembered to get a picture of all the bikes for rent - large enough for families.

Popular playground area.

View from the boardwalk.

Can you see the lights around the palm trees?

On Saturday, we went with them to a birthday party at their friends' house. Bethany loved the pool, but Nikki wasn't so sure. She hung on to Bethany for dear life for the first few minutes. After she got a little more comfortable she loved it!

It was a great weekend, but I needed today to rest.

My daughter's cats must have had a hard day yesterday - they needed their rest today too! This is Lily and Chloe.

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