Friday, January 2, 2009

Lost Quilt

Back when I talked about my old quilts, I mentioned that I couldn't find one of my favorites, a quilt made by my husband's grandmother out of upholstery fabrics with a satin lining. I found it when I was getting out my Christmas decorations this year. It weighs a ton, but I love it.

Notice the lining -

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Anonymous said...

Last year I made a cover...
wouldn't call it quilt,
with that same fabric=satin
and using 2 types of brown, and
a sort of dark orange,
very similar the family of colors
you have there brown/Orange".
I'm sure there's
better names for this colors but... :(

I had seen it in a shop
but decided to make one myself
with some changes
more simple, just 3 colors,
and the fabric cut and sew in thin stripes
from one side of the cover to the other.
Got better then I expected by then. :)

I like the idea on this detail
of the ... "strings hanging"...
Mmmmm... a very light opne
with "fresh colors" and that detail...
for Summer wouldn't be a bad idea.

Thanks for posting it. :)