Friday, January 2, 2009

Still Alive

I went back to work today, and it was the easiest day I've had in 2 weeks! All my admiration goes out to moms of 2 year olds. I did it 30 years ago - but the last two weeks about did me in. I loved it, but it was hard. I forgot how hard. The parents went home last Saturday and DH and I had the grandchildren by ourselves till New Years Eve when we took them home to Norfolk.

Yesterday I spent all day taking down my decorations and getting my house back in order. This weekend I plan to catch up on blogs and knit!

Here are some random Christmas pictures.

Look at this pretty hairdo. (Styled by her Mom - not me!) She was watching everyone play Mexican Train with dominoes. This was a new game for us, but really fun.
Clifford, you like my coat?

Christmas morning - she can now shop, cook, eat at her picnic table and then drive home!

Nana - no more pictures!

I gave her a break on this one and just got her sister playing her new DS game.

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