Monday, January 19, 2009

We Have Water

Ceiling that had to be removed to repair pipes.

Another leak.

Box of clothes that had been sitting on basement floor.

We have water! What wonderful words! The plumber showed up early this morning and worked his magic and we are now back in business. I won't take water for granted ever again - or so I say, I know just as you do that I'll soon slip back into taking it for granted. However, I've learned a few things and want to pass along this new found knowledge.

First and foremost - and this is critical - if you don't know where your water turn-off valve is, stop reading right now and go find it. When you have a major water leak, being able to turn off your water quickly can make a big difference in a little mess, or a big tragedy. I didn't know until a few years ago when my daughter had a pipe burst under her kitchen sink. After that I made it a point to find out where ours was. Luckily, ours is easy to get to in the basement and as soon as I discovered the lake in our basement I was able to turn it off right away.

If you happen to be without water for any reason, when you go to buy water, also buy baby wipes, or some sort of moist towelettes. The first day I didn't have any and it takes a lot of water just to quickly wash your hands. I found out I wash my hands many times a day. Getting the baby wipes saved a lot of that precious water washing hands and even washing my face before bed. I always keep Clorox wipes and that helped in the kitchen and bathrooms, wiping off the sink and counter-tops instead of wetting a sponge or cloth. If you have to use bottled water to brush your teeth, pour a little in a cup. This uses less water than pouring water over your toothbrush!

You're welcome for these important little tidbits!

An update on my fall/injury. I am soooo sore - right arm, shoulder, upper back, and ribs. Turning over in bed, lifting anything in my right hand, drying my hair, coughing, etc. bring much moaning and groaning. I don't think I damaged anything, but am just a little battered.

Another little lesson - if blacktop looks wet, but it is 20 deg., it probably is black ice - don't nonchalantly walk across it!

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Robin said...

No fun! Hope no permanent damage to things that got wet.