Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm

Not here in Virginia - but back in our hometown in Kentucky. This picture is not actually of Madisonville. The local newspaper there can only be read online with a paid subscription (which I think is terrible!), so I found this picture of Paducah, Ky.(I have family there too). The whole area has been hit very hard this week with ice and then snow. You might have seen them mentioned on TV as a reporter for ABC was there and they were featured on GMA and the evening news last night. Everyone is without power, and we have had no luck contacting any of our family. We're hoping that they are hunkered down, somehow staying warm and have enough food, but just don't have phone service and maybe have their cell phones off to save their batteries. We are going on the assumption that no news is good news, but keep everyone in your prayers in this area. Just a few years ago Madisonville was also hit by a tornado and not everyone has recovered from that. We hope they get some relief soon.
I have been a terrible blogger lately - just nothing exciting in my life to talk about! On the knitting front I finished another pair of fingerless gloves and placed an order from here for some Noro Silk Garden that I hope to use for a sweater and some bamboo for a scarf.
Everyone keep warm!

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