Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Wreath - redo

I'm far from a perfectionist (you would know this if you saw my house or my desk at work), but some things just bother me till they are right. I was not happy with my wreath. I put it up last Saturday, but it nagged at me all week. However, like most working women, I do well to do the basics after work during the week. Today a friend and I took a short little drive over into North Carolina to visit an Amish store, where you can find delicious bread, baked goods, and lots of specialty items not found everywhere. After a delicious lunch and some shopping there, we came back into town and went to a favorite local shop. All the Christmas decorations were on sale and we each picked out a few things - some I could use on the wreath. You may not see much difference in the picture, but I can see a difference and I feel much better

It rained a lot this week. One day, (I think Wednesday) it rained almost all day. Late that afternoon though it stopped for awhile. I had to make a trip to the post office for work and a co-worker and I went to a nearby garden center to look at their Christmas decorations which were on sale (for work). While on the way, the sky darkened, the wind blew and it became very nasty. While we were in the store, it hailed and sounded really terrible. There is an attached greenhouse and while we were out there it was so loud a little scary. On the way home though the rain stopped and the sun peeked out, just as it was setting. The sun was behind me and there was the most beautiful rainbow in front of me. I was almost home, so I hurried in, grabbed my camera, ran back out and drove up the street to the top of the hill where I had seen the rainbow, but it had disappeared! The sun had dropped down low enough that it didn't show up anymore.
I got this terrible picture of the sun setting, but wish I had had the camera with me a few minutes earlier. I have got to get into the habit of keeping it in my purse.

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